For over twenty years Sheryl Bolden has worked across many areas of the fashion industry. Having held Buying, Sourcing and Product Development roles in the UK and Asia for some of the world’s leading retailers and small independent brands, she understands first-hand what goes into making the clothes we wear.

In 2013 Sheryl founded a Hong Kong based wardrobe editing service, and has worked with many women, some of whom were frustrated and disillusioned by clothes shopping and the fashion industry in general, to bring practical solutions to their sartorial problems.

Becoming a parent changed her perspective on the industry, she became increasing concerned about the negative impact of fashion and her focus shifted towards working with those who want to create solutions. She has advocated for and worked with NGOs and charities that work to reduce fashions’ negative impact. In 2020, Sheryl graduated from Hong Kong University with an Executive Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility.

For more than a decade she has organised numerous charity ‘Frock Swaps’ and more recently has written for various online publications and her own website on the topics of sustainable consumption and wardrobe editing. Her everyday musings can be found on Instagram at @makemywardrobework.