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The Eurasian Face

ISBN: 978-988-99799-9-7
Hard cover with jacket, 140 pages, 70+ b/w images
Bilingual: English/Chinese
Size: 20.5 x 31 cm
Published: Nov 2010

Price: HK$198 / US$24.95

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The Eurasian Face
by Kirsteen Zimmern

No one represents diversity better than Eurasians – those individuals with a mix of Caucasian and Asian heritage. Once a source of shame, the Eurasian face has become the face that sells. It is the face with which everyone can identify. In an ever-shrinking world, the search is on for a one-size-fits-all global image. Eurasians have become the world’s poster boys and girls, much sought after as actors and models.

Taking advantage of increasingly tolerant times and the growing commercial and cultural exchanges between East and West, Eurasians have gained prominence as entrepreneurs, professionals and athletes. This book of interviews and black-and-white portraits reveals how seventy Eurasians of diverse backgrounds see their place in the world today.

Kirsteen Zimmern is a photographer of Chinese and Scottish ancestry. She has always been fascinated by the tell-tale signs of East and West in the faces of fellow Eurasians, and has found this fascination to be widespread: few days go by without strangers examining her appearance to discern her ethnicity. She lives in Hong Kong.

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Four-star review: "A new book cuts to the heart of being Eurasian" South China Morning Post

Zimmern ... has taken what she called "a fleeting glimpse into the lives and faces of a number of Eurasians," and ended up fascinated by what she discovered. She has produced a lovely and evocative book to tell their stories." Asia Sentinel

"Half Chinese and half Scottish, Kirsteen Zimmern is Eurasian, although you wouldn’t think it to look at her. She gets this reaction all the time, shock and awe from both East and West as she reveals her ‘other side’ by speaking fluent Cantonese. This was among many reasons why, despite being a mother to four and a working barrister, she began assembling The Eurasian Face – a handsome new hardbound book published by Blacksmith." Time Out Hong Kong

The Eurasian Face received a full-page review in Ming Pao Weekly (in Chinese)

"Book reveals life in Hong Kong from a Eurasian perspective" South China Morning Post

"In a city like Hong Kong, which is made up almost entirely of immigrants, ask the question, “Where are you from?” and you’re unlikely to receive a straightforward answer. But that’s precisely what Kirsteen Zimmern asks in her first book, The Eurasian Face, a collection of thoughts and photographs from people of combined Asian and Western ancestry. Shot mostly in her native Hong Kong and featuring people from New Zealand, France, the Philippines and Thailand (to name just a few), Zimmern spent three years shooting photographs and compiling interviews of Eurasians of all ages and backgrounds. One of the most fascinating aspects of the book is that it offers not only an insight into people’s self-perceptions but also a glimpse into history, in particular how attitudes towards interracial unions were perceived in the not-too-distant past." HK Magazine

Kirsteen Zimmern spoke to Sarah Passmore on RTHK Radio 3



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