Cynthia Cheng was born in Canada and grew up in Hong Kong, and went on to study law at University College London. She stayed in the UK to study and work for nearly a decade. Before pursuing a career in social impact, writing and mental health, she was a practising lawyer in London and Hong Kong. Cynthia is currently an executive at an international non-profit organisation and co-founder of Hong Kong Shifts. She has always loved using words to capture the beauty and authenticity of human stories.

Originally from Belgium, Maxime Vanhollebeke lived in London and Chicago before settling in Hong Kong in 2009 to work as an international lawyer. He developed a passion for photography and was immediately drawn to the raw energy and beauty of Hong Kong and its people. As lead photographer and co-founder of Hong Kong Shifts, Maxime specialises in environmental portraits and street photography and is passionate about using photography to support and amplify positive social progress initiatives.

Founded in 2019, Hong Kong Shifts puts the spotlight on shift workers, the individuals who form the backbone of our bustling city. Hong Kong Shifts works with schools, NGOs, corporations and other organisations on storytelling campaigns, workshops and initiatives. Visit for more information about the project.