Are the Chinese really so inscrutable?

China Hand Fred Schneiter delves into the lighter side of Chinese psychology, and in doing so demystifies one of the toughest markets in the world. With an unfailing sense of humor, he offers insights for Sinophiles, Sinophobes and everyone in between. On the Hong Kong bestsellers list for twelve months, this book is now back in a new edition — the essential item to pack in your China survival kit.

“Everyone working with Chinese, in or out of China, should read this and send a copy to their boss.” — Daniel Ng, managing director, McDonald’s Hong Kong/South China

“Should be required reading for everyone setting out for China for the first time. Lighthearted and highly readable.” — Donald M. Anderson, president, US-China Business Council

Look inside this book!
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Prologue and Chapters 1 & 2