9 August 2013

My Private China: Interview with Alex Kuo

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The World Policy Journal has published this wide-ranging interview with Alex Kuo, the author of My Private China. Your newest book, My Private China, is a remarkable glimpse into the vibrancy and diversity of China today. You’ve described the book as showing us, “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” of contemporary China. What was it about these negative elements [...]

7 August 2013

My Private China: a review in the SCMP

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Thanks to the South China Morning Post for a four-star review of My Private China! Although in recent years the amount of literature about China has grown significantly, Alex Kuo's My Private China successfully sets itself apart from the rest. As other books on China aim to discuss its economy, politics or the famous people it has produced, Kuo's collection [...]

16 June 2013

“My Private China” in Time Out

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Time Out Hong Kong magazine reviews our latest book, My Private China: When you sit down with Alex Kuo, you're instantly put at ease. The acclaimed Chinese American author has a calming influence, an elegantly mannered way of speaking and a carefully relaxed tone. And that, to us, is pretty surprising. Here's a man who's just launched his latest book, [...]

14 May 2013

Book launch: My Private China, by Alex Kuo

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What do normal people in China look forward to when they get up in the morning? What is the mentor of Lang Lang like? What about the personal friend of Chairman Mao – and how does his granddaughter relate to him after the murderous Cultural Revolution? What do the numerous evangelical Americans really think of the Chinese? How does the [...]