20 May 2013

Book launch: Unsavory Elements — Stories of foreigners on the loose in China

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Join us at the Hong Kong launch of Unsavory Elements: a riveting anthology of vivid stories and essays from some of the most celebrated writers to have ever lived in China. "Westerners are flocking to the PRC in increasing numbers to chase their dreams even as Chinese emigrants seek their own dreams abroad. Life as an outsider in China has [...]

15 October 2012

How Asia got its grin back: Ancient comedy tradition is being revived, says Nury Vittachi in new book

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Asians have a powerful sense of humour with a long history, a study says. But the region lost its ability to laugh 60 years ago and is only now regaining it. Self-deprecating humour, associated with Jewish and British comedy, existed in Asia for more than 1,000 years. In ancient China, aristocrats kept comedians in their homes, and in India, taxpayers [...]