Asian publishing pundit Nury Vittachi says of our spy thriller:

Saudi Match PointIN TERMS OF geopolitical value for money, Paul Ulrich’s new book Saudi Match Point has it all: Al-Qaeda, the Chinese government, oil wars, a high level US conspiracy, a hostage crisis and the battle between radical Islam and modern mores. Paul’s based in Hong Kong.

The plot: The US government uses a hostage crisis as a pretext for invading Saudi Arabia and taking control of the oil fields. But a young China expert learns the truth — and the world’s two most assertive superpowers battle for supremacy. Sounds all too believable.
Paul: my most recent novel, The Shanghai Union of Industrial Mystics, is about a Uyghur minority man who goes to the west, learns about human rights, and then returns to China to fight for his people. Earlier this week, the press reported the tale of the sentencing of a Uyghur man who moved to the west, learned about human rights, and returned to China to fight for his people.
Today’s novels: tomorrow’s headlines.

Besides sand and saboteurs, Saudi Match Point contains moonshine-mongering Hash House Harriers, double agents and cross-dressing kung fu masters. Why wait for tomorrow’s headlines? This book should be on your list for beach reading this summer. View excerpts from the book here.