Two new interviews with CHINA: Portrait of a People author Tom Carter have just appeared. First, CNNGo stopped Tom before his talk at Shanghai’s Glamour Bar to get some insight into his “beautiful and groundbreaking 600-page photo collection”.

CNNGo: How do you think photojournalism gives people a deeper understanding of China than traditional journalism?

Tom Carter: … I believe that words and images are the yin and yang of reporting; a good story about China should have both. Too often journalists don’t have the page space to physically describe in detail the people and places they are reporting on. Even novels about China tend to gloss over how Chinese people physically vary from region to region in their facial features and their skin coloring and their body size. For instance, once I had a fan email me saying their favorite about China was Peter Hessler’s “River Town,” but that after they saw my photographs they finally had a better sense of the people Hessler was writing about. So that fan went back and read “River Town” again, with “China: Portrait of a People” nearby as a visual reference.

Sunday’s print edition of China Daily contained another interview with Tom, and a review of the book:

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