More US media coverage. Tom Carter’s photo book has been reviewed by Mike Revzin of the Christian Science Monitor:

In China: Portrait of a People, Tom Carter shows us that there are actually dozens of Chinas.

The American photojournalist spent two years traveling 35,000 miles through every province of China by bus, boat, train, mule, motorcycle, and on foot.

What he found is a country with dramatic regional differences. There are 56 major ethnic groups, each with its own language and customs. The climate ranges from the bitter cold northeast – near North Korea and Siberia – to tropical areas adjacent to Vietnam.

Carter’s photos and descriptions capture everything from stunning scenery to the warmth of family life to the sleazy sex trade to the growing discontent with government policies.

In Hubei Province, for instance, an anti-development protest banner declares that the locals “won’t give their land to rich people.”

Pictures from Tom’s book were also featured this week in Flavorpill’s Daily Dose.