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Book signing, May 19th: Don’t Joke on the Stairs

Come and hear from longtime Lantau resident Cecilie Gamst Berg as she ploughs through the non-stop surreal-fest that is today’s China, stopping occasionally to ruminate about the travails of trying to make Cantonese a world language, and how the Chinese have invented a new English: Manglish.

You’ll find answers to everything you wanted to know about China, such as:

What does “the slippery are very crafty” really mean?

What’s the etiquette for hitch-hiking in really small cars?

And what’s the best way to gatecrash a ketamine party?

Cecilie will show you how China is not only the most happening place on Earth, but also the most fun.

Saturday May 19, 2pm – 4pm at Dymocks bookshop in Discovery Bay Plaza, Lantau Island, call 2987 8494 for enquiries. Free entry. Wine will be served!

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