Here’s some Chinese New Year greeting advice from our new book Hong Kong Unveiled:

Bye neen, 拜年, praise the year; shake your fist enclosed in your other hand (it doesn’t matter which hand is on the outside) as a greeting while saying something auspicious to family members and all you meet during Chinese New Year.

Auspicious sayings:
Guung hay fart choy, 恭喜發財, good wishes, good fortune, congratulations on being rich.
Sun tye geen hong, 身體健康. Good health.
Sum serng see sing, 心想事成. May all your wishes come true.
Ching chern serng jew, 青春常駐. Forever young and beautiful.
Sarng yee hing luung, 生意興隆. Good business.
Hok yip jern bo, 學業進步. Make progress in your studies.

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