Want some insights into the world of book publishing in Hong Kong and China? A bunch of local publishing folk, including yours truly, are quoted in an informative article in Publishing Trends.

While globally powerful partnerships between Chinese publishers and international publishers may take a while to unfold, Hong Kong’s own industry still offers plenty of international exposure to authors and titles that otherwise might be overlooked. Its regional connectedness and lenient censorship laws make it an ideal headquarters for the Man Asian Literary Prize, established in 2007. China’s consistent presence in world news is a boon for those publishing books from or about China in English, says Pete Spurrier, Publisher at Blacksmith Books. Additionally, he says, “since so many books printed here are for export, shipping books to our overseas distributors is very affordable,” even for small print runs and shipments.

Though it isn’t a funnel for selling directly to the Mainland, Hong Kong has recently discovered a market for Chinese-language books specifically targeted at Mainland tourists who come to Hong Kong ready to shop. This is a growing part of the Hong Kong Book Fair, which the Financial Times reported this year drew several hundred thousand Mainland shoppers.