Chitralekha Basu at the China Daily newspaper interviews our author Jason Y. Ng.

Ng’s primary focus … is evident from the pages of his last book  — No City for Slow Men: Hong Kong’s Quirks and Quandaries Laid Bare (Blacksmith Books) — published earlier this year. What quirks?  What quandaries? Well, for instance, he writes about losing one’s Hong Kong Identity Card, an existential crisis for anyone coping with the frenetic pace of Hong Kong living, which for him, leads to an even greater identity crisis that confronts some Hong Kong-born Chinese — deciding if they were Hong Konger or Chinese national, and wondering whether the two ought to be treated as mutually exclusive. Eventually, he raises the big question: What about the imminent “sinification” of Hong Kong and what about whether “it might lose its individuality and become just another mainland city”?

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