Many expats live in Hong Kong long-term, but language barriers make it hard to get to know the everyday local population. So we’re delighted to receive a wonderful review in the South China Morning Post for our new book, Street Life Hong Kong:

Here, we get a first-hand look at how life is for so many in our city. We are presented with richly evocative tales of normal, everyday life and of the common concerns that surround it – for the subjects, their families and, in some cases, for the city they call home. … The characters are made more accessible through the photographs of Michael Perini. You see the subjects as they work, and the scenes that surround them, and the effect is an authentic feel for the streets many of us pass every day. … One of the more illuminating aspects of the stories is the matter-of-fact way these people approach the situations in which they have found themselves – when your choices are limited, you play the cards fate deals you – and they share the moments of joy and of pride that they feel as they go about their daily lives. It’s that sense of commonality that makes Street Life Hong Kong by its end a celebration of our city and the spirit of the people who inhabit it.

Read the full review at the SCMP.