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Shannon Young on the radio

Our author Shannon Young has been interviewed on RTHK Radio 3 twice this month. Click the links below to listen online!

1. Shannon Young is a young American writer currently living in Hong Kong who writes under two names. Her travel memoir about the year she followed a man she met at a fencing club to Hong Kong, only for him to be sent to London a month later, was published by Blacksmith Books in 2014. It’s called Year of Fire Dragons: An American Woman’s Story of Coming of Age in Hong Kong. This week on State of the Art, Reenita talks to Shannon about how she juggles writing fiction and non-fiction under two different names.

2. On Morning Brew today, HK-based American writer Shannon Young will talk about her latest book Year of Fire Dragons.

How does a writer working at home resist the lure of the refrigerator and the internet? Listen to find out.

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