8 December 2015

Launch party for “Paul’s Records” at XXX, Dec 11

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A book launch party for Paul's Records: How a refugee from the Vietnam War found success selling vinyl on the streets of Hong Kong! Who: Both Paul Au and author Andrew Guthrie will be present, records from Paul’s vinyl store will be played, and the book will be explained/read from. There will be guest appearances by a few dedicated customers [...]

2 June 2014

“Has Hong Kong Become Ungovernable?”: Rachel Cartland’s speech at the FCC

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Our author Rachel Cartland's lunch speech at Hong Kong's Foreign Correspondents' Club a few weeks ago caused a fair amount of controversy, with an article in the next day's South China Morning Post receiving lots of comments, many of them misconstruing the message in a variety of ways. In the interest of clarity, below we print the full text of [...]

7 April 2014

Book launch with egg tarts: No City for Slow Men

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Author and blogger Jason Y. Ng has a knack for making the familiar both fascinating and funny. Three years after his bestselling début Hong Kong State of Mind, the razor-sharp observer returns with No City for Slow Men: a collection of 36 essays that examine some of the pressing social, cultural and political issues facing Hong Kong. It's not the [...]

25 November 2013

Booksigning event, Nov 28: No City for Slow Men

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Author and blogger Jason Y. Ng has a knack for making the familiar both fascinating and funny. Three years after his bestselling début HONG KONG State of Mind, the razor-sharp observer returns with a sequel that is bigger and every bit as poignant. No City for Slow Men is a collection of 36 essays that examine some of the pressing [...]

19 November 2013

Book launch event: Paper Tigress, Nov 21

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Rachel Cartland came to Hong Kong in 1972 as one of just two female expatriates in the Hong Kong Government’s elite administrative grade. Before she retired in 2006, her life was shaped by the momentous events that rocked Hong Kong during those action-packed years: corruption and the police mutiny, the growth of the new towns, the currency crisis of 1983, [...]

20 May 2013

Book launch: Unsavory Elements — Stories of foreigners on the loose in China

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Join us at the Hong Kong launch of Unsavory Elements: a riveting anthology of vivid stories and essays from some of the most celebrated writers to have ever lived in China. "Westerners are flocking to the PRC in increasing numbers to chase their dreams even as Chinese emigrants seek their own dreams abroad. Life as an outsider in China has [...]

14 May 2013

Book launch: My Private China, by Alex Kuo

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What do normal people in China look forward to when they get up in the morning? What is the mentor of Lang Lang like? What about the personal friend of Chairman Mao – and how does his granddaughter relate to him after the murderous Cultural Revolution? What do the numerous evangelical Americans really think of the Chinese? How does the [...]

15 January 2013

“Kowloon: Unknown Territory” – photo exhibition at the FCC

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The Foreign Correspondents' Club in Hong Kong is holding a wall exhibition of Ira Chaplain's photos from Kowloon: Unknown Territory. "In my 19 years spent in various parts of Hong Kong, I have never lived in Kowloon. Before I took this assignment, like so many in this city, my life existed largely on Hong Kong side. I never knew the [...]

19 November 2012

Nov 26: Come to the Blacksmith/Bookazine Booksigning Extravaganza!

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As we count down the final four weeks to Christmas, come and get your Hong Kong gift books signed at Bookazine. We’ve brought together 14 Blacksmith authors who have all written about Hong Kong. Come and meet them over a festive glass of wine, and get your books signed by: Jonathan Chamberlain, author of King Hui: The Man Who Owned [...]

1 November 2012

Book launch and photo exhibition, Nov 7th — Kowloon: Unknown Territory

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What do "deep water pier", "nine dragons city" and "mandarin's lake" have in common with "Wong Tai Sin", the name of a Taoist deity? They're all districts in Kowloon. This new book is an exploration of what is often seen as Hong Kong's shadow-side, from the viewpoints of community, consumerism, art, food, fashion and sex – 15 years after the [...]

20 May 2012

Online Q&A with author Jonathan Chamberlain

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Goodreads is hosting a readers' Q&A with Hong Kong best-selling author Jonathan Chamberlain. message 1: by A.F. Please welcome Jonathan Chamberlain to our Q and A discussions. He is a writer who has been hijacked by life. When his daughter, Stevie, exploded into his life with all the problems she had to cope with, he ended up founding two charities [...]

6 May 2012

Book signing, May 19th: Don’t Joke on the Stairs

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Come and hear from longtime Lantau resident Cecilie Gamst Berg as she ploughs through the non-stop surreal-fest that is today’s China, stopping occasionally to ruminate about the travails of trying to make Cantonese a world language, and how the Chinese have invented a new English: Manglish. You’ll find answers to everything you wanted to know about China, such as: What [...]

7 April 2012

Recap: Meet the authors in Hong Kong

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Blacksmith publisher Pete Spurrier was among four writers who shared their insights with Hong Kong members of the Asian American Journalists Association on the evening of April 3. Pete has written guidebooks to Hong Kong, while the other authors -- Cameron Dueck, Michelle Yu and Blossom Kan -- have written travelogues and novels, so there were different perspectives and a [...]

11 January 2012

Stint in prison just the ticket for taipan’s next chapter

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From the South China Morning Post Lai See column: A flyer came across our desk yesterday inviting us to a booksigning event featuring John Hung’s book Master of None, How a Hong Kong High- Flyer Overcame the Devastating Experience of Imprisonment. Hung, it will be recalled, not so long ago stepped out of Stanley Prison after a 16-month sojourn for [...]