15 November 2011

Book launch in Hong Kong, Nov 19th: Midnight Walking

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Kathryn Chua is a 17-year-old author; the latest – and youngest – in the wave of rising stars from Asia writing in English. Midnight Walking is her first published novel. Come and meet Kathryn on the 19th November at Bookazine in Central, Hong Kong! Click the invite to see at larger size. Drinks and snacks will be served. Free scary [...]

18 October 2011

Lunch event: Reflections of a Hong Kong High-Flyer from Stanley Prison

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Does a man need a stint in jail to complete his life experiences? When John T. Hung was writing his book “Master of None” from inside Stanley Prison, apart from the experience of imprisonment, he also recounted the many events and people that have affected his life. The most dramatic changes in Hong Kong took place from 1970 to the [...]

28 September 2011

Book launch: Don’t Joke on the Stairs

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Cantonese can be difficult, and people are often put off learning it. But Norwegian Cantonese teacher Cecilie Gamst Berg has hit on the best strategy: she avoids boring classrooms and teaches Cantonese in the places you will actually need it -- in shops, taxis and bars. OK, mostly in bars, but sometimes in cha chaan teng (local Chinese cafés) too. [...]

12 May 2011

Sketches of Soho: come and meet artist Lorette Roberts in Central’s old police station

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If you're free on the afternoon of Saturday 14th May, why not join us at Hong Kong's historic old police headquarters -- at 10 Hollywood Road, Central -- for a series of author talks about different aspects of Hong Kong culture. Entry is free, and signed books will be available. This mini book fair is part of a wider exhibition [...]

30 April 2011

Muhammad Cohen: Booksigning in New York, Friday May 6th

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You are invited to a New York book event: HONG KONG ON AIR As the Hong Kong handover boom fizzles into the Asian economic bust, a young American couple’s marriage and careers tumble into a maze of television news, betrayal, high finance, and cheap lingerie. Come and meet totally globalized New York author Muhammad Cohen. “In this irreverent comic novel, [...]

31 January 2011

Book talk in Shanghai, 26th Feb: The Great Walk of China

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How long would it take to walk across the world's most populous country? Find out by listening to Graham Earnshaw's story. He'll be speaking at Garden Books -- 325 Changle Road, Shanghai -- at 6pm on Saturday 26th February. 40 RMB includes one drink. Graham's book The Great Walk of China is a journey into China's heartland, away from its [...]

24 January 2011

Book excerpt: With Bare Hands by Alain Robert

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Extreme urban climber Alain Robert is in Hong Kong this week to give a talk at the Royal Geographical Society (6:30pm, Tuesday Jan 25th, details at the link). This reminds me to post an excerpt from his hair-raising autobiography With Bare Hands. Alain has made a career out of thumbing his nose at the authorities and doing what people tell [...]

1 November 2010

Meet Feng Chi-shun and other authors at the AWA Bazaar

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Philip Chan Yan-kin, legendary Hong Kong movie actor, director, and producer, has said the following about Feng Chi-shun's Kowloon memoir Diamond Hill: It was with red, teary eyes and a pain in my stomach that I closed the last page of Feng Chi-shun’s flashback of his youthful days in and around the infamous Diamond Hill. For me, the place itself [...]

15 October 2010

Shanghai Expo

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The USA Pavilion's official blog has a post about author/photographer Tom Carter's talk at the Expo. Together with artist Terence Lloren, Tom shared the challenges and rewards of living and travelling in China. At the end of their presentation, both artists stood on stage. They fielded questions and shared anecdotes with an engaged crowd. Though their mediums and perspectives were [...]

6 August 2010

China photographer Tom Carter appears at Expo 2010’s USA Pavilion

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For Immediate Release USA Pavilion Sponsors an Afternoon of Photography and Sound at Two Cities Gallery [SHANGHAI, 4 August, 2010] – The USA Pavilion proudly presents a joint show by two published American authors, Tom Carter and Terence Lloren, that portrays modern China. The show is scheduled to run at the Moganshan Road Art Centre’s Two Cities [...]

27 July 2010

At the Cantonese protest in Guangzhou

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Two friends and I were the only foreigners present at a protest in Guangzhou on Sunday to defend the city's native language, Cantonese, from government policies to replace it with Putonghua (Mandarin). It was the first demonstration I've seen in China, and it almost didn't happen: the organizer was placed under house arrest the night before. The event [...]

20 July 2010

Cover story and book talk: The Real Face of China

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Tom Carter's photo book CHINA: Portrait of a People is the cover story for this month's Shanghai TALK Magazine. After two years teaching English in Shandong and Beijing, Tom Carter still felt like he didn’t know the “real” China, so the self-proclaimed nomad put his camera and life savings into a backpack and began an epic trek through the Middle [...]

24 May 2010

“CHINA: Portrait of a People” at the Suzhou Bookworm

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Will you be near Suzhou this weekend? Travel photographer Tom Carter, author of CHINA: Portrait of a People, will be meeting readers at the Suzhou Bookworm and speaking about his two-year backpacking adventure across the 33 provinces of China. Saturday May 29th 2010, from 7:00pm - 9:00pm, at The Suzhou Bookworm. Address: Gunxiufang 77, Shiquan Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

1 May 2010

FCC author event: Graham Earnshaw

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How long would it take to walk across the world’s most populous country? Graham Earnshaw is finding out. The long-time Hong Kong and China journalist is making a journey into China’s heartland, away from its surging coastal cities, where the ripples of prosperity are only just beginning to be felt and many find themselves left behind. Through his conversations with [...]