You are invited to the launch of The Eurasian Face by Kirsteen Zimmern — now available on Amazon US and Amazon UK! If you go to those sites, you can click to “look inside” the book.

No one represents diversity better than Eurasians: those people with a mix of Caucasian and Asian heritage. Once a source of shame, the Eurasian face has become the face that sells. It is the face with which everyone can identify. In an ever-shrinking world, the search is on for a one-size-fits-all global image, and Eurasians have become the world’s poster boys and girls. Taking advantage of increasingly tolerant times and the growing commercial and cultural exchanges between Asia and the rest of the world, Eurasians have found success as actors, entrepreneurs, professionals and athletes.

The Eurasian Face – a book of bilingual interviews and black-and-white portraits taken in Hong Kong and Singapore – reveals how seventy Eurasians of diverse backgrounds see their place in the world today.