5 February 2009

A book blog is reborn

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I had the brainwave a year or so ago to start a joint blog with a few other publishers I'm friendly with in Hong Kong. Between us we have plenty of books, authors and events to write about, I thought. But as with so many things which require coordination, it didn't really take off. Publishers barely have time to read [...]

5 June 2008

How to get published in Hong Kong

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This is an article I wrote for Reading Matters, the in-shop newsletter published by Bookazine.   HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS: Hong Kong has a thriving industry of independent publishers. Here is even better news: this is not London or New York, and most (if not all) presses are happy to receive manuscripts directly from authors. So, assuming you’ve written [...]

25 January 2008

The Dragon’s Back

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Chinese fung shui tells us there is a dragon inhabiting every green valley, protective of the mountains and its route to the sea. Hiking into the hills of Hong Kong for a weekend picnic, Siu Ming and his parents suddenly find their path blocked by a forest fire. Can the mountain dragon help? Or is the mythical creature equally at [...]

2 January 2008

New book: The Man Who Owned All the Opium in Hong Kong

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Scandal and corruption, drugs and pirates, triads and flower boats; the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong and the Communist takeover of Canton. Peter Hui was there. He knew everybody and saw everything. This is the real story of Hong Kong, told with the rich flavours of the street. If Peter had been only a little bit different he could have [...]

21 October 2007

Sketches of Sai Kung

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From Clearwater Bay to Tai Long Wan, the Sai Kung Peninsula is Hong Kong’s back garden – a place where people go to swim, hike, eat seafood alfresco, and otherwise escape the city. But besides the popular beaches and waterfront restaurants, there is an abundance of hidden attractions, and artist Lorette Roberts has discovered them for this book. Such is [...]

20 April 2007

Hong Kong director brings Blacksmith title to the silver screen

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Yeeshan Yang’s book of investigative journalism Whispers and Moans has been brought to the big screen by Hong Kong filmmaker Herman Yau. Starring Athena Chu, Candice Yu and Monie Tung, the movie (Chinese title: 性工作者十日談) had its premiere at the Hong Kong International Film Festival on 28th March. The prolific Herman Yau is this year’s Director in Focus. There’s an [...]