Blacksmith BooksI had the brainwave a year or so ago to start a joint blog with a few other publishers I’m friendly with in Hong Kong. Between us we have plenty of books, authors and events to write about, I thought. But as with so many things which require coordination, it didn’t really take off. Publishers barely have time to read what others have written, let alone write themselves, or learn how to work techy stuff. But the financial crisis / sub-prime imbroglio / economic tsunami / ergonomic salami (call it what you will) has focused minds, and I’ve decided to strike out on my own and put a bit more effort into online promotion. Voila! Here is the accidentally alliterative Blacksmith Blog.

Some of the old posts still appear below but everything from this point on is new and improved. As well as hearing from authors, we’ll be doing a book giveaway every month, so add this blog to your RSS reader (that’s techy stuff) and stay tuned.