18 February 2011

Glimpse into the mind of a Spiderman

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There's a full-page interview with extreme climber Alain Robert in today's China Daily. Asked why he's not afraid of the dangers posed by his unaided ascents, Alain explains his approach to life. "A lot of people are dreaming but they don't have the guts to make their dreams come true. At least I'm the one who did it. I'm not [...]

24 January 2011

Book excerpt: With Bare Hands by Alain Robert

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Extreme urban climber Alain Robert is in Hong Kong this week to give a talk at the Royal Geographical Society (6:30pm, Tuesday Jan 25th, details at the link). This reminds me to post an excerpt from his hair-raising autobiography With Bare Hands. Alain has made a career out of thumbing his nose at the authorities and doing what people tell [...]

15 December 2009

Blacksmith titles are going to America

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I'm delighted to say that our titles will be available through bookshops in the United States and Canada as of June 2010. Our books will be handled on the other side of the Pacific by National Book Network. First up for the American market is With Bare Hands, since daredevil author Alain Robert has made a point of [...]

2 June 2009

Spiderman reaches the top down under

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From Australia's National Nine News this afternoon: A Frenchman with an apparent aversion to lifts has been arrested in Sydney after climbing one of the city's skyscrapers. A female office worker who stopped to watch after a morning meeting said it was thrilling to see someone climb the building. "I think it's really important for people to push the limit," [...]

15 April 2009

Vertigo video: Alain Robert reaches his own summit at the G20

2009-04-15T19:36:15+08:00April 15th, 2009|authors, events, media attention, publishing|2 Comments

Amid hordes of protesters at the G20 summit in London, one stood out above the rest: With Bare Hands author Alain Robert climbed the Lloyds Building to draw attention to climate change. The fearless wall crawler is also the subject of an in-depth feature story in the New Yorker this month, as well as stories in The Independent and The [...]

13 February 2009

Singapore vs Hong Kong

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To Singapore, where Southeast Asia's largest bookshop -- Kinokuniya on Orchard Road -- has agreed to host a book signing event with Alain Robert. The French wall-climber, author of With Bare Hands, is in town for a few days and we've taken the chance to line up some interviews with Singaporean newspapers and Mediacorp radio. Despite having lived in the [...]