Charles Emmons’ book Chinese Ghosts Revisited: A Study of Paranormal Beliefs and Experiences came out just before Hallowe’en last year, and hopefully many people have enjoyed finding a spooky read in their Christmas stockings. It has now been reviewed by New Dawn magazine.

Chinese Ghosts Revisited holds the unique position of being the only reference work comparing the supernatural and paranormal experiences of Chinese and Westerners while also providing evidence of the universal nature of these experiences. Far from being a boring scientific study, this fascinating book provides an encyclopaedic listing of many eerie, unusual and often overlooked phenomena – many of which can only be found in detail here.

It is an exceptional work and a great companion to Jonathan Chamberlain’s excellent Chinese Gods: An  Introduction to Chinese Folk Religion.

Chinese Ghosts Revisited should be considered compulsory reading for any serious student of the paranormal, the spiritually-inclined with an interest in supernatural studies, sociologists researching the beliefs of Cantonese Chinese and, especially, those who love a good ghost story before going to bed!

The magazine’s reviewer, Bruce Stringer, has himself spent time researching the traditions of Hong Kong’s New Territories. Read the full review here.

Charles Emmons has also appeared on Jim Harold’s Ghost Insight podcast, and their conversation ranges from the Hungry Ghost Festival and collective apparitions to “haunted house” rental discounts and whether the phone surveys of ghost experiences that Charles conducted in Hong Kong in 1980 would be possible now. Click here to listen to the interview.