Author portrait: David T. K. Wong

David Wong started his working life as a dishwasher in a Chinese restaurant before becoming a teacher, colonial bureaucrat, businessman, and a writer of short stories and novels.

In the wake of the Hong Kong protests, memories of the colonial past are fading. This new edition of David T. K. Wong’s sweeping historical novel brings the past vividly to life.

The Evergreen Tea House is a deftly crafted, provocative and poignant tale which blends mismatched love and twisted ambition with political intrigue and diplomatic mendacity. Set in Hong Kong during the twilight years of British rule, the characters live through tumultuous events – the Japanese occupation, the Korean War, the Cultural Revolution – and the emotional trauma associated with the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which precipitated Hong Kong’s handover to China.

The unique and noteworthy element of this novel, beyond its strong evocation of time and place and its careful melding of facts with fiction, is its interpretation of historical events through a Chinese perspective.

David Wong has all the powers of empathy that a novelist requires above all other virtues. . . . It is the breadth and detail of the political picture and the imaginative involvement of contrasting and opposing points of view that give this novel its fascination,” said Jeremy Trafford in PEN International Magazine.

The book can be bought from Hong Kong bookshops or directly from our webshop.