12 September 2010

Sex, drugs and violence

2016-11-24T01:14:30+08:00September 12th, 2010|new books, publishing|14 Comments

We've just gone to reprint with three books: Whispers and Moans: Interviews with the men and women of Hong Kong's sex industry King Hui: The Man Who Owned All the Opium in Hong Kong Wing Chun Warrior: The True Tales of Kung Fu Master Duncan Leung, Bruce Lee’s Fighting Companion It's clear that people love to read about these things! [...]

20 August 2010

Blacksmith Books goes south (in a good way)

2019-07-12T02:31:22+08:00August 20th, 2010|new books, publishing|1 Comment

We're proud to announce that our books will be available as of next month in Australia and New Zealand, through Central Book Services of Melbourne. If you're located down under, please ask for our titles in any bookshop, and if they're not in stock they will be able to order them in. Our Australian-Chinese author Liza Chu is already planning [...]

26 January 2010

Google vs. China vs. Google vs. publishers

2016-11-24T01:14:39+08:00January 26th, 2010|authors, china, media attention, publishing|5 Comments

What to believe? The story of Google’s threatened exit from China has occupied a lot of column inches over the past fortnight. On one hand, its stand has been lauded as principled by many people. On the other, it may just be a well timed PR stunt for the company; its reputation has been receiving a hammering lately from authors, [...]

15 December 2009

Blacksmith titles are going to America

2019-07-12T02:16:30+08:00December 15th, 2009|publishing|4 Comments

I'm delighted to say that our titles will be available through bookshops in the United States and Canada as of June 2010. Our books will be handled on the other side of the Pacific by National Book Network. First up for the American market is With Bare Hands, since daredevil author Alain Robert has made a point of [...]

22 May 2009

What can you publish in China?

2016-11-24T01:14:46+08:00May 22nd, 2009|china, publishing|0 Comments

The sudden publication of Zhao Ziyang's hidden diaries, in time for the 20th anniversary of June 4th 1989, reminded me of the occasion a couple of years ago when a human rights barrister in Hong Kong went to print with a book about the right to demonstrate. The text covered examples of rallies and demonstrations from around the world, but [...]

3 May 2009

The Eurasian Face: a photographic project

2016-11-24T01:14:47+08:00May 3rd, 2009|authors, hong kong, new books, publishing|6 Comments

Once shunned as the result of forbidden liaisons, and confined to set roles in society, Eurasians are now celebrated as models and actors, and find themselves ideally placed to take advantage of the growing commercial and cultural exchanges between Asia and the rest of the world. You might call it a Eu-turn in fortunes. Kirsteen Zimmern is a Hong Kong-born [...]

15 April 2009

Vertigo video: Alain Robert reaches his own summit at the G20

2009-04-15T19:36:15+08:00April 15th, 2009|authors, events, media attention, publishing|2 Comments

Amid hordes of protesters at the G20 summit in London, one stood out above the rest: With Bare Hands author Alain Robert climbed the Lloyds Building to draw attention to climate change. The fearless wall crawler is also the subject of an in-depth feature story in the New Yorker this month, as well as stories in The Independent and The [...]

18 March 2009

Dislocated Voices: the Hong Kong Literary Festival

2017-10-05T21:21:41+08:00March 18th, 2009|authors, events, hong kong, publishing|1 Comment

On Saturday I attended a very enjoyable event at the Hong Kong International Literary Festival: a panel of three authors, Rana Dasgupta, Xujun Eberlein and Nam Le discussing the art of the short story. Moderator was Chris Wood of the Asia Literary Review. Thankfully not all the panellists agreed with one another, so there was an element of back-and-forth which [...]

5 February 2009

A book blog is reborn

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I had the brainwave a year or so ago to start a joint blog with a few other publishers I'm friendly with in Hong Kong. Between us we have plenty of books, authors and events to write about, I thought. But as with so many things which require coordination, it didn't really take off. Publishers barely have time to read [...]

5 June 2008

How to get published in Hong Kong

2020-12-13T09:10:40+08:00June 5th, 2008|hong kong, publishing|17 Comments

This is an article I wrote for Reading Matters, the in-shop newsletter published by Bookazine.   HERE IS THE GOOD NEWS: Hong Kong has a thriving industry of independent publishers. Here is even better news: this is not London or New York, and most (if not all) presses are happy to receive manuscripts directly from authors. So, assuming you’ve written [...]

15 February 2008

Amazon availability

2016-11-24T01:14:50+08:00February 15th, 2008|publishing|2 Comments

We're celebrating the Year of the Rat by announcing that many of our fiction and non-fiction titles are now available through a wider set of online retailers: Amazon's network of websites, Barnes & Noble, Target, Blackwell, Waterstones and many others. This is made possible by advances in print-on-demand technology; each book is printed to order. A few years ago, the [...]

12 January 2008

Look Inside the Book!

2016-11-24T01:14:50+08:00January 12th, 2008|publishing|2 Comments

Or: Try before you buy. We're emulating Amazon and Google by offering a sneak peek inside Blacksmith Books titles. Just click on the links on each book's webpage to see sample spreads pop up in PDF format. Try it now by going here.

29 April 2007

Oil wars

2007-04-29T00:15:58+08:00April 29th, 2007|authors, new books, publishing|0 Comments

Asian publishing pundit Nury Vittachi says of our spy thriller: IN TERMS OF geopolitical value for money, Paul Ulrich’s new book Saudi Match Point has it all: Al-Qaeda, the Chinese government, oil wars, a high level US conspiracy, a hostage crisis and the battle between radical Islam and modern mores. Paul's based in Hong Kong. The plot: The US government [...]