10 November 2016

Trump knows tremendous China books when he sees them

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You're probably aware that Donald Trump was elected as US President yesterday. It's fair to say that reaction to this news has been mixed. But look on the bright side! He likes to read books about China. In an interview with Xinhua, the official Chinese news agency, Trump said, "I've read hundreds of books about China over the decades." "I [...]

21 June 2013

Tom Carter: video interview and new book

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Watch this video interview with photographer Tom Carter in ChinaFile, the Asia Society's online magazine. Backpacking photographer Tom Carter somehow succeeded in circumnavigating over 35,000 miles (56,000 kilometers) across all 33 provinces in China during a 2-year period, the first foreigner on record ever to do so. What Carter found along the way, and what his photographs ultimately reveal, is [...]

15 October 2010

Shanghai Expo

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The USA Pavilion's official blog has a post about author/photographer Tom Carter's talk at the Expo. Together with artist Terence Lloren, Tom shared the challenges and rewards of living and travelling in China. At the end of their presentation, both artists stood on stage. They fielded questions and shared anecdotes with an engaged crowd. Though their mediums and perspectives were [...]

26 September 2010

If you’re going to San Francisco…

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... be sure to read this review of China: Portrait of a People in the San Francisco Chronicle! :) Getting a full picture of China - a vast country with an enormous population, a place that is experiencing sweeping cultural and economic changes - is, of course, impossible. But Tom Carter comes close. ... It's a remarkable book, compact yet [...]

1 September 2010

Dozens of Chinas

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More US media coverage. Tom Carter's photo book has been reviewed by Mike Revzin of the Christian Science Monitor: In China: Portrait of a People, Tom Carter shows us that there are actually dozens of Chinas. The American photojournalist spent two years traveling 35,000 miles through every province of China by bus, boat, train, mule, motorcycle, and on foot. What [...]

11 August 2010

CNNGo and China Daily interview Tom Carter

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Two new interviews with CHINA: Portrait of a People author Tom Carter have just appeared. First, CNNGo stopped Tom before his talk at Shanghai's Glamour Bar to get some insight into his "beautiful and groundbreaking 600-page photo collection". CNNGo: How do you think photojournalism gives people a deeper understanding of China than traditional journalism? Tom Carter: ... I believe that [...]

6 August 2010

China photographer Tom Carter appears at Expo 2010’s USA Pavilion

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For Immediate Release USA Pavilion Sponsors an Afternoon of Photography and Sound at Two Cities Gallery [SHANGHAI, 4 August, 2010] – The USA Pavilion proudly presents a joint show by two published American authors, Tom Carter and Terence Lloren, that portrays modern China. The show is scheduled to run at the Moganshan Road Art Centre’s Two Cities [...]

20 July 2010

Cover story and book talk: The Real Face of China

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Tom Carter's photo book CHINA: Portrait of a People is the cover story for this month's Shanghai TALK Magazine. After two years teaching English in Shandong and Beijing, Tom Carter still felt like he didn’t know the “real” China, so the self-proclaimed nomad put his camera and life savings into a backpack and began an epic trek through the Middle [...]