8 February 2021

As we welcome the Year of the Ox, which animal of the Chinese Zodiac are you?

2021-02-08T04:46:25+08:00February 8th, 2021|china, hong kong|0 Comments

Sarah Brennan is the author of the Chinese Calendar Tales series. She writes... People are always asking me “Which Chinese calendar animal am I?” So here’s a handy reference so you can work out what animal you are in the Chinese zodiac! Beside each animal is the name of the animal in beautiful Chinese calligraphy, given to me by Scotch [...]

9 February 2013

Guung hay fart choy! And here are some other New Year greetings

2016-11-24T01:14:11+08:00February 9th, 2013|china, hong kong, new books|0 Comments

Here's some Chinese New Year greeting advice from our new book Hong Kong Unveiled: Bye neen, 拜年, praise the year; shake your fist enclosed in your other hand (it doesn’t matter which hand is on the outside) as a greeting while saying something auspicious to family members and all you meet during Chinese New Year. Auspicious sayings: Guung hay fart [...]