20 July 2015

Shanghai’s Baghdadi Jews: An interview with the author

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"This book is a record of descendants of Baghdadi Jewish merchants who settled in the Treaty Port of Shanghai in the mid-19th century," says Maisie Meyer. "They are authentic voices, allowing us a glimpse of bygone days of privilege, and the rich diversity that made the community so vibrant. It offers infinite perspectives of personalities whose lives were shaped by [...]

10 May 2015

Paper Tigress is reprinted

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We're pleased to announce that Paper Tigress, Rachel Cartland's memoir of her years in the Hong Kong government, sold out. And it's now reprinted and is back in the shops. To mark the occasion, we print below the text of a speech Rachel gave to a Hong Kong business group late last year. A Difficult Passage I was a Hong [...]

18 February 2015

Shannon Young on the radio

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Our author Shannon Young has been interviewed on RTHK Radio 3 twice this month. Click the links below to listen online! 1. Shannon Young is a young American writer currently living in Hong Kong who writes under two names. Her travel memoir about the year she followed a man she met at a fencing club to Hong Kong, only for [...]

29 January 2015

Remembering the mighty Bruce Lee

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Even four decades after the passing of Asian martial-arts superstar Bruce Lee, his achievements still attract adoration from millions of movie fans. The biggest fan of all may be Jon Benn, who befriended the high-kicking hero while playing “the Big Boss”, a villain in Lee’s acclaimed 1972 movie The Way of the Dragon. In Remembering Bruce Lee, a tell-tale autobiography, [...]

26 December 2014

Year of Fire Dragons on Radio 3

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Author Shannon Young visited the studios of RTHK Radio 3 to tell Noreen Mir about the making of her latest book, Year of Fire Dragons. Her new memoir is a wide-eyed newcomer’s account of Hong Kong wrapped up in an international long distance love story. Click here to listen online to the 10-minute interview. When she's not writing books, Shannon [...]

17 November 2014

New Hong Kong memoir: Year of Fire Dragons

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An American Woman’s Story of Coming of Age in Hong Kong n 2010, bookish 22-year-old Shannon follows her Eurasian boyfriend to Hong Kong, eager to forge a new love story in his hometown. But when work sends him to London a month later, Shannon embarks on a wide-eyed newcomer's journey through Hong Kong – alone. She teaches in a local [...]

17 September 2014

The Taste of Old Hong Kong

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Look at the picture. That's our author Fred Schneiter and his children, on their arrival in Hong Kong at Chinese New Year in 1964. Fred has written a combination of cookbook and memoir that includes 70 of the best recipes he collected over his three decades roaming the China coast, with a mix of adventurous and nostalgic stories thrown in. [...]

6 August 2014

Writing the city and finding one’s identity

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Chitralekha Basu at the China Daily newspaper interviews our author Jason Y. Ng. Ng’s primary focus ... is evident from the pages of his last book  — No City for Slow Men: Hong Kong’s Quirks and Quandaries Laid Bare (Blacksmith Books) — published earlier this year. What quirks?  What quandaries? Well, for instance, he writes about losing one’s Hong Kong [...]

2 June 2014

“Has Hong Kong Become Ungovernable?”: Rachel Cartland’s speech at the FCC

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Our author Rachel Cartland's lunch speech at Hong Kong's Foreign Correspondents' Club a few weeks ago caused a fair amount of controversy, with an article in the next day's South China Morning Post receiving lots of comments, many of them misconstruing the message in a variety of ways. In the interest of clarity, below we print the full text of [...]

14 May 2014

In Conversation: author Rachel Cartland on TVB Pearl

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See Paper Tigress author Rachel Cartland talking on TVB Pearl and RTHK Channel 31 tomorrow night. Time Out have written about the new Hong Kong interview show here. Here's the programme blurb: Coming up on In Conversation tomorrow: the former civil servant who yesterday said Hong Kong has "the most ridiculous political system in the world." In Conversation with Rachel [...]

7 April 2014

Book launch with egg tarts: No City for Slow Men

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Author and blogger Jason Y. Ng has a knack for making the familiar both fascinating and funny. Three years after his bestselling début Hong Kong State of Mind, the razor-sharp observer returns with No City for Slow Men: a collection of 36 essays that examine some of the pressing social, cultural and political issues facing Hong Kong. It's not the [...]

11 January 2014

Tibet: Roads and Kingdoms

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Roads and Kingdoms magazine has published an interview with Laurent Zylberman, photographer of our new book, Tibet, the Last Cry. "Our stance is that the situation in Tibet is a fixation for many foreigners who know little about it," he says. "It’s always been portrayed as a black and white situation, someplace where there is no middle road. The usual [...]

25 November 2013

Booksigning event, Nov 28: No City for Slow Men

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Author and blogger Jason Y. Ng has a knack for making the familiar both fascinating and funny. Three years after his bestselling début HONG KONG State of Mind, the razor-sharp observer returns with a sequel that is bigger and every bit as poignant. No City for Slow Men is a collection of 36 essays that examine some of the pressing [...]

19 November 2013

Book launch event: Paper Tigress, Nov 21

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Rachel Cartland came to Hong Kong in 1972 as one of just two female expatriates in the Hong Kong Government’s elite administrative grade. Before she retired in 2006, her life was shaped by the momentous events that rocked Hong Kong during those action-packed years: corruption and the police mutiny, the growth of the new towns, the currency crisis of 1983, [...]