This photo from Barbara Anslow was taken in December 1941, just hours before Hong Kong surrendered to Japan in the second world war. But the roll of photos was only developed in 1945, when she was released from three years and eight months of captivity in Stanley camp.

Barbara tells her story in Tin Hats and Rice: A Diary of Life as a Hong Kong Prisoner of War, 1941-1945.

Her book has been reviewed in the South China Morning Post:

It’s hard to know which is more remarkable – Barbara Anslow’s story, or the way it’s been published. The 99-year-old British woman is one of the diminishing number of survivors of Stanley Internment Camp, where she was held for more than three-and-a-half years during Japan’s occupation of Hong Kong during the second world war.

Anslow wrote a detailed diary of her experi­ences, starting in late 1941 and finishing after the war ended – which has finally been published in book form as Tin Hats and Rice, three-quarters of a century after the events it recounts.

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