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6 August 2014

Writing the city and finding one’s identity

2017-10-05T21:39:40+08:00August 6th, 2014|authors, hong kong, media attention|0 Comments

Chitralekha Basu at the China Daily newspaper interviews our author Jason Y. Ng. Ng’s primary focus ... is evident from the pages of his last book  — No City for Slow Men: Hong Kong’s Quirks and Quandaries Laid Bare (Blacksmith Books) — published earlier this year. What quirks?  What quandaries? Well, for instance, he writes about losing one’s Hong Kong [...]

14 May 2014

In Conversation: author Rachel Cartland on TVB Pearl

2016-11-24T01:14:05+08:00May 14th, 2014|authors, media attention, new books|0 Comments

See Paper Tigress author Rachel Cartland talking on TVB Pearl and RTHK Channel 31 tomorrow night. Time Out have written about the new Hong Kong interview show here. Here's the programme blurb: Coming up on In Conversation tomorrow: the former civil servant who yesterday said Hong Kong has "the most ridiculous political system in the world." In Conversation with Rachel [...]

11 January 2014

Tibet: Roads and Kingdoms

2016-11-24T01:14:06+08:00January 11th, 2014|authors, china, media attention, new books|0 Comments

Roads and Kingdoms magazine has published an interview with Laurent Zylberman, photographer of our new book, Tibet, the Last Cry. "Our stance is that the situation in Tibet is a fixation for many foreigners who know little about it," he says. "It’s always been portrayed as a black and white situation, someplace where there is no middle road. The usual [...]

9 August 2013

My Private China: Interview with Alex Kuo

2019-07-12T18:43:27+08:00August 9th, 2013|authors, china, media attention, new books|0 Comments

The World Policy Journal has published this wide-ranging interview with Alex Kuo, the author of My Private China. Your newest book, My Private China, is a remarkable glimpse into the vibrancy and diversity of China today. You’ve described the book as showing us, “the good, the bad, and the ugly,” of contemporary China. What was it about these negative elements [...]

7 August 2013

My Private China: a review in the SCMP

2016-11-24T01:14:08+08:00August 7th, 2013|china, hong kong, media attention, new books|0 Comments

Thanks to the South China Morning Post for a four-star review of My Private China! Although in recent years the amount of literature about China has grown significantly, Alex Kuo's My Private China successfully sets itself apart from the rest. As other books on China aim to discuss its economy, politics or the famous people it has produced, Kuo's collection [...]

25 July 2013

Hong Kong: Launchpad for the future of Asian publishing

2016-11-24T01:14:08+08:00July 25th, 2013|china, hong kong, media attention, publishing|0 Comments

Want some insights into the world of book publishing in Hong Kong and China? A bunch of local publishing folk, including yours truly, are quoted in an informative article in Publishing Trends. While globally powerful partnerships between Chinese publishers and international publishers may take a while to unfold, Hong Kong’s own industry still offers plenty of international exposure to authors [...]

9 July 2013

The New Word Sellers

2019-07-12T07:40:11+08:00July 9th, 2013|hong kong, media attention, publishing|0 Comments

I was interviewed for this Hong Kong Trader article about Asian publishers in advance of the Hong Kong Book Fair. Many small publishers use print-on-demand technology to make books available in small quantities, but I'm not keen on it because sales are rarely very high, and such books are only sold through the giant online booksellers, not in bookshops on [...]

21 June 2013

Tom Carter: video interview and new book

2016-11-24T01:14:09+08:00June 21st, 2013|authors, china, media attention|0 Comments

Watch this video interview with photographer Tom Carter in ChinaFile, the Asia Society's online magazine. Backpacking photographer Tom Carter somehow succeeded in circumnavigating over 35,000 miles (56,000 kilometers) across all 33 provinces in China during a 2-year period, the first foreigner on record ever to do so. What Carter found along the way, and what his photographs ultimately reveal, is [...]

16 June 2013

“My Private China” in Time Out

2016-11-24T01:14:10+08:00June 16th, 2013|china, hong kong, media attention, new books|2 Comments

Time Out Hong Kong magazine reviews our latest book, My Private China: When you sit down with Alex Kuo, you're instantly put at ease. The acclaimed Chinese American author has a calming influence, an elegantly mannered way of speaking and a carefully relaxed tone. And that, to us, is pretty surprising. Here's a man who's just launched his latest book, [...]

18 June 2012

Money for Nothing

2016-11-24T01:14:14+08:00June 18th, 2012|authors, hong kong, media attention|5 Comments

Robert Wang spoke about Hong Kong's tycoons on RTHK Radio 3's "Money for Nothing" programme. The show's name is a nice reflection of something top tycoon Li Ka-shing once said to the author: "Robert, there is so much money lying on the ground, I don't have the time to bend down and pick it all up." Photo courtesy of RTHK. [...]

11 May 2012

New book: Walking the Tycoons’ Rope

2016-11-24T01:14:15+08:00May 11th, 2012|authors, china, hong kong, media attention, new books|16 Comments

Author Robert Wang spoke about his new book on Radio 3 yesterday, and you can now listen to the interview online. Hear how he fled from civil-war Shanghai in 1949 and took a perilous journey to Hong Kong, jumping from the train when it came under attack. Robert's memoir of his incredible life, Walking The Tycoons' Rope, is Dymocks' book [...]

6 February 2012

John Hung’s interview in Ming Pao

2016-11-24T01:14:19+08:00February 6th, 2012|authors, hong kong, media attention|7 Comments

The author of Master of None was interviewed at length by Ming Pao, the Hong Kong newspaper. The translated text is reproduced below. (To read it in the original Chinese, click the image on the right). Freedom Behind Bars – John Hung “Human beings created justice, as well as injustice,” he said. A man who has been treated unfairly in [...]